Merpa the sorcerer had set off an explosion. His goal was to awaken Tommy, the evil spyglass.

“Mwa ha ha! I am alive! I am here to laser away the goodness from the world! But first I need my Evilness Lens!”

Tommy set off on a long journey to find his evilness lens.

On their way to investigate the boom, Kkhekkhhc, and Sunside gathered along the road.

Sunside had her suspicions that the boom had something to do with Tommy, but she didn’t know the centipede well enough to mention it. “What is your name?” she asked.

“Kkhekkhhc is my name” clicked the giant centipede, in a deep gurgle.

“I watched from the bushes as a large centipede and a small scavenger with wings talk. I consider coming out of the bush but then I remember that I am supposed to stay hidden and just watch from the shadows.” thought Blackbird.

Currently flying over was Seaweed the Seewing. “I wish I was still in the sea!” he thought as he looked over the valley. He then spotted a rather large centipede. “What the…?” mumbled Seaweed as he flew towards the centipede.

Seaweed swoops down into a cave overlooking the scene with a scavenger talking to a giant centipede.

“Hello Kkhekkhhc. My name is Sunside. What are you doing here?”


“I saw something flying that lead me here. But I don’t think you can fly. Were you flying?”

“No. I wasn’t flying.”

“Huh, this is a first. I’ve seen a lot of strange things but never this…” thought Seaweed.

The explosion that Merpa created to wake Tommy (the evil spyglass!) had angered the tree spirit nearby. A tree began to shudder and fell right on top of Kkhekkhhc and Sunside!