Worm’s Business – Part 1

Once there was a little worm living in an enormous squash. One day it decided consuming it’s house would be fine. So it began. The rain, the thunder, and the hail didn’t scare the tiny worm. It just ate and ate, until it couldn’t feel the floor beneath it. Then it moved. To France. It knew about a mammoth and decided to live as far away from the worst mammoth to eat cheese. However it loved cheese also so it ate vegan cheese. The whole of France was very offended. The cheese police was immediately notified and arrested them. Seizing the cheese, the little worm used it to bounce away from the Fromage Force.

“Criminal has escaped! Seize them! Whatever it takes!”

The little worm escaped with a rope to Antarctica and immediately began to sell cold cheese, frozen cheese and cheesecake. The worm knew the market would love the Cheese OST too. He decided to blast it at a cheese concert, everyone loved it! He got famous. His fans showered him in cheese and cake, it was awesome. Suddenly a new singer worked for Worm. It was Mammoth, sent by the undercover Fromage Force! Mammoth was disguised as an elephant. No one suspected him because he was very convincing. He shaved too.