Wings of The Centipede | a roleplay story

Chapter 1

Hi, I am Sunside I am 12 years old and my mom is a goddess. Sound cool right? I am here to tell you it is not. When I was three years old, my Dad was murdered by the evil Tommy.

Blackbird. Assassin with extra potent venom. 10 years old.

Kkekkkhhc the depressed centipede.

Tank Green was found in a valley near Mt Moon. He had no physical wounds and no trace of poison in his body. He died mysteriously. Chicken found him. While eating roasted chicken.

I stare down at the at the valley floor and see a large chicken walking below. I wonder if I could eat it, considering it is food…with a sigh I fly off and leave. Back to the Nightwings and lava. I feed on, ignoring the fact that there is a perfectly good chicken below me.

“Shmay!” yelled Kkekkkhhc, the depressed centipede, who was a little taller than an average skywing.

I snuck out on a walk just outside the cave I live in, hiding from Panera the star spirit. Panera is my maid who watches me. I look out into the night and see a black figure flying. I see a chicken eating lots of chicken and investigating a dead body. I hear people over the hill and am curious about the black figure so I decide to follow it into the night. “Solarflight!” I yell to activate my wings.

Kkhekkhhc stealthily slithered after Blackbird as she flew away.

They hear a boom in the distance.