They Had Warned Her About The Book… Now It Was Too Late.

It was a normal day for Abigail.  She got out of bed and ate a nice breakfast.  Then she went to the library of creepiness.  At the library, she asked for the least creepy book that they had.  They gave her a little brown book that looked good enough for her.  Little did she know that the book had a lot in store for her… 

By the time she got out of the library, it was already time for lunch.  She ran home to show her mom the new book that she had gotten but as soon as she started running she fell into a hole that surely hadn’t been there before.  She quickly scrambled out of the hole and kept going home.  The same thing happened 13 more times.  Why did these things keep happening to her?… 

By the time she got home, it was already time for dinner.  “Darn it!” she said now I can’t show my mom this new book I got.  She sat down at the table and ate dinner.  When she was done with dinner she went up to bed.  She got into bed and almost immediately dropped off to sleep.  In the middle of the night, she got up and threw up then went back to sleep.

When she got up she was so hyper she ran screaming down the stairs “MOMMYYYYY!” she said look at this new book I found.  Mom, of course, was very suspicious she said immediately after seeing it WHEREDIDYOU GETTHATBOOK!!!!!!!! Abigail said, “aw mom I just went across the street to the library of creepiness.”  Mom said ABIGAILHOWMANYTIMESDOIHAVETOTELLYOUNOTTOGOOVERTHERE, THATPLACEISFORBIDDEN!!!!!!!!

Abigail went up to her room and pretended to start crying.  She put the book under her bed and then went back to the library of creepiness and pretended to give back the book.  When she got back home her mom asked her if she had returned the book and she said yes.  She went up to her room and started reading the book.  Finally, it was time for dinner so she put her book down to eat.

After she ate dinner she went up to her room and read herself to sleep.  This time she slept with her book in her lap so her mom wouldn’t take it.  This time her book sprouted one vine.  Every day was the same after that every night a vine would come out of the book until there was a big enough cluster of vines to do what they wanted to do.

One night, after reading a lot and going to sleep something strange, started to happen.  The vines started to move around to different places until they came out of the book.  They started to strangle Abigail and right before the vines strangled her completely she woke up and ripped all the vines out of the book and threw them wriggling and hissing onto the floor where she put on her shoes and slowly pressed down harder and harder. When they were almost dead they tried to pull her through the floor with no luck.  After they couldn’t do that they gave up and screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  They were sent down into the earth, the only place where they couldn’t live.

Every once in a while, their ancestors hissed to Abigail, “You killed our sons, you must pay now.” Abigail now saw what her mom had meant when she said the library of creepiness was forbidden.  She returned the little brown book to the library and gave them a super bad review so no one would ever come to the library ever again.  She went back and told her mom that she had lied to her and she didn’t actually return the book and she had returned it just that morning and gave them a bad review.

After the book tried to kill her, she had a lot of bad dreams.  One of the types of dreams that she had was big evil flowers were wrapping around her legs and tying her in a tree. She didn’t have any idea why she was dreaming about that, because it was vines that had tried to kill her. In school for the next couple of years, she had weird daydreams about plants that were trying to kill her and even the teacher noticed and asked, “What’s Wrong Abigail?”  

She said, “I’m having daydreams about plants that are trying to kill me.” 

The teacher was kind of mean so when Abigail told her the reason she was having these daydreams, the teacher said, “What is wrong with you?  Go see a doctor!”  So Abigail took the teacher’s advice and the next day asked her mom if she could take her to a Psychiatrist to fix her mind and make her stop thinking about that.  The Psychiatrist said, “I think I figured out what is happening.  I think you have a very good imagination, and that you imagined all that.”  

Abigail got so angry at that, that she asked her mom to drive her back to her house.  Then when her mom wasn’t looking, she ran over to the library of creepiness and got the little brown book with the vines in it.  She asked her mom to take her back to the psychiatrist because she now had proof that what happened was true.  When she got to the psychiatrist’s office, she said, “Here is the book that did all those wicked things to me.  You can have it with you for a couple of months and see what happens to you.”

So the psychiatrist took the book and this was her last conference of the day so she went home and put the book on her shelf.  That night, she had trouble sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night and saw the little brown book in her lap.  She said, “That should not be happening, I am sure I put that book in my bookcase.” She went downstairs and put the book back in her bookcase and went to sleep again.

The next morning, she woke up and went back to Abigail and said, “Now I believe that what happened to you was true because part of that just happened to me last night.”  So she gave the book back to Abigail and Abigail took it back home with her. When Abigail got home, she took the book back to the library of creepiness and said, “Here, throw this away!  Nobody will ever be needing it again.