A green bucket fell out of style, and now a blue bucket is in style. I sell buckets, a fashion expert. Buckets as hats, they are beautiful. Buckets as bags, they are cool. Although recently a ring of burglaries have destroyed the BucketClan of buckets. BucketClan was an exclusive society of buckets and people who LOVED buckets. They’ll receive justice. Certainly they’ll see the English language abomination is TeRrIbLy TeRrIbLe. Oh wait, there are many reasons to destroy the BucketClam. “Clam yeeting!” said a burglar who was tossing clams at the sky, and kicked clamster in the shell. He broke his foot on the couch. It was almost midnight when a tired police needed a snack, they had cereal.

“My bucket business! Please help me! Take over the business!” said Bucketwoman.

Constable Preposterous replied, “Sure,” and did. Until Sproing the evil bunny sprang upon the formal dining.

“Enough!” said police.

“NEVER!” yelled Sproing.

“N-no, enough, NOW!” Constable Preposterous bellowed. The burglar entered.

“BUCKET!” he yelled. Then decided this method wouldn’t do. He got arrested.