Miss Energy


In the vast city of New York, there are so many sights to see and so many ways to spend your day, but in Jessica Walker’s house, it was always the same. Every day at 9:00 AM her husband, James Walker, would leave the house for work. Jessica on the other hand was left with their two kids. Brianna and Liam. Every day they would make a huge mess, and every day Jessica had to get down on her hands and knees and clean it up. Then after her husband came home she’d hand out the T.V. dinners and call it a night. “Been there done that” she’d say to herself then she would let out a long, unhappy sigh. Though she loved her family, she always felt that there was more to life than this. Something was missing but she didn’t know what.


It was the month of December. The company James was working for lost money and wasn’t able to pay their workers their full paycheck for that month. Jessica Walker needed to make some tough decisions since the holidays were not too far away. After she had separated the money into piles, she took the money she had leftover and went out to see if she could find some cheap coffee to hold her until the end of the month. Jessica trudged through the cold snow, her feet sinking into it with every step. Then she stumbled upon a small bodega. Jessica walked inside. She looked around for a while, but then the owner of the shop beckoned her over with his hand. “Say, Miss,” he whispered, “you look a little down, I have a new blend that will perk you right up, just hand over a five, and your good to go.” 

“Sorry,  I’m running short on money, so I’ll find something else” Jessica replied

“Here I’ll make a deal with you since you’re so desperate,” said the owner. “I’ll give you the coffee for free, but then you have to come back in one month to tell me the results, I mean, how it was, got it?” 

“Yes, thank you,” said Jessica

The owner handed Jessica the coffee, it had a weird purplish tinge to it.

“Excuse me, is this coffee burnt?” asked Jessica 

“Nah, that’s just its natural color,” said the owner, “now skedaddle! I got customers.”


When Jessica got home she took a long drink of her delicious coffee. She smiled to herself as she thought about her purchase. Then she felt a jolt of energy enter her bloodstream, shooting through her body like a rocket. Then she felt a sudden urge to clean up the entire house. She ran from room to room cleaning every little speck of dirt she could find, and in five minutes the entire house was spotless and Jessica was shining with pride. When her husband came home, he was shocked to see that the whole house was sparkling clean and there was a three-course meal on the table.

“Jessica!” he said “how did you manage this all by yourself! And the home-cooked meal too. Wow! How did you do it?”

“Well, I had a cup of coffee, looked around, and decided I would do it” replied Jessica.

 She gave him a peck on the cheek. Then they all sat down at the table to eat the delicious meal that Jessica had prepared. That night they all went to bed with a full stomach and a happy heart.


It was the week of Thanksgiving and the Walkers were as happy as can be, Jessica making the food, James decorating the car, and the kids making hand-drawn Fall decorations to hang around the house. Then as Jessica was making the pumpkin pie, she heard the sound of crying. She checked the dining room which her kids had recently occupied, but they were still laughing and happily making art projects. She looked outside and saw a screaming little boy stuck up a tall tree too afraid to come down. Jessica ran outside, pushed her way through the crowd of people, climbed up the tree, and grabbed the screaming child jumping off as she went. She landed on her feet just like a cat. Jessica handed the screaming child to his speechless mother. Jessica looked around, every person in the little group was staring at her in utter amazement. Then she realized what she had done. She climbed up a tree (which she hadn’t done since she was a little girl), saved a child, and all in ten seconds. 

“Thank you,” said a woman’s voice. Jessica turned around, it was the little boy’s mother. “For saving my kid and all” she smiled, Jessica smiled back. When Jessica came back to her house, she went straight to the basement and got out her old unitard and her sewing machine. Then she started to sow, stitching this and adding that. Then by 11:00 PM, she finished. She changed into her finished product, her super suit. Then she looked at herself in the mirror and said “I am Miss Energy protector of all!”