Be Free

I wanna be free,I wanna have fun,I want to be me, i want to run. Everything may seem the same and sometimes I play games but sometimes i feel like an outcast and people forget my name.
people may find me weird because i like a wolf
but you can always find me at the gulf of the seeaa
so just let me be free be free be free
i am tired of people telling me what to do, i want them to stop but they don’t have a clue, if they only knew.

my life was killed when i was seven and sent up to heaven and my adopted family was thrilled.

i just want a life to be me, a life to be freeee.

i want to choose my story, i want to chose my glory. this is my life, this is my fight, this ends tonight!

this is my life, this is my fight, this ends tonight!

i’m not just a broken down girl, i’ll show who i am in the real world.

when i am free, i want people to know that i am a hero. i have always wondered, when i am free, will they think of me when they hear thunder.

when i saw a girl who was also trapped and told her to be strong, she ask where i was going and if she could come along.

we may like pop, but we won’t stop.

we will be brighter because we are fighters.

we know who to beee, and we will be free, we will be …… free.

By Nightlock