Chapter 1 

In Kansas there is a little town called Riverton.

Riverton is home to nine-hundred-thirty individuals.

Including three best friends, whose names are Grace, Akila, and Lizzy.

“Hurry, Lizzy!” shouted Grace. 

Grace was the most punctual out of the three.

“I’m going as fast as I can!” Lizzy called back. 

They were riding their bikes to school that morning, since they missed the bus.

“I told you we should have walked to the bus stop!” yelled Grace impatiently. 

“I know, I know, I won’t skateboard to the bus stop next time, ok! I didn’t think I’d fall!” replied Lizzy, looking down at her Minion Bandaid.  

When they got to school, they heard someone yelling their names.

“Grace! Lizzy!” it was Akila.

“Over here!” they shouted to their friend.

Akila ran over to them. 

“What took you so long?” she asked.

“We missed the bus.” answered Grace.

Then the bell rang a loud “ding” which meant it was time for class.

The two friends ran inside. However, Lizzy walked on her hands to class.

Lizzy was the athletic one of the group, and this is how she walked to class every morning.

“Okay class,” said Miss Carter “today we will be learning about the Pythagorean Theorem.”

“A squared plus B squared equals C squared.” responded Akila confidently.

She was the smartest of the three friends.

“Very good Akila, now class…” Miss Carter continued

She droned on like that for a half hour, but then the bell rang another sharp “ding” and class was over. 

“Come on guys, we have a free period!” shouted Lizzy and she cartwheeled out the door.

Grace and Akila ran after her laughing.

Chapter 2

That afternoon, Riverton Highschool had a full school assembly. 

“Attention students,” said Principal Myers. 

Every eye turned in her direction.

“Two weeks from now, Riverton High will be hosting the town fair!” 

The crowd cheered.

“Every student has the opportunity to do something for the fair,” she continued “You can do entertainment, refreshments, or decorations. Pick one and get to it!”

The students filed out of the auditorium in glusters. All of them whispering to one another, planning.

“What should we do for the fair?” asked Akila

They were walking home from school, Grace and Lizzy wheeling their bikes along with them.

“I don’t know” said Grace 

She was puzzled, deep in thought. 

“I got it!” exclaimed Lizzy, “we should do a barbershop quartet!”

The other two looked at her quizzically.

“Liz, we only have three people.” said Akila

“I know, but we could be The Barbershop Triplets!” said Lizzy 

The friends walked, thinking hard.

“Yeah!” said Grace, “let’s do it!”

“I second that.” said Akila

“I third.” said Lizzy

 They had their idea.

Chapter 3

During the weekend, the trio hung out at Lizzy’s house, constantly practicing their routine.

“Front step, slide! Back step, slide!” chanted Grace

“Front step! Side step! Back step!” said Akila

“And turn!” finished Lizzy 

They high fived. The routine was perfect, they were ready for the fair.

The entire next week was dedicated to the fair. Decorators decorated, Entertainers practiced their acts, and Refreshment Makers discussed recipes.

Among the crowds was The Teen Barbershop Triplets. 

“Entertainers, may I have your attention please!” said Principal Myers

The room fell silent.

“Rehearsals will be starting in two minutes! Everybody, give your peers your support by watching them from the sidelines!”

A couple of students in the back groaned.

“Oh hush.” said Principal Myers

Everyone lined up, their backs against the wall. Grace, Akila, and Lizzy couldn’t wait for their turn.   

Principal Myers pulled out her phone, and began scrolling through a list of names, calling up students to perform their acts . 

“The Teen Barbershop Triplets!” She called 

“Finally” said Lizzy

The three friends ran to the middle of the room.

Grace blew into her pitch pipe and they began to sing, but they soon realized that they were horribly off key. Lizzy tried to at least remember the dance, but she forgot that too, and so did her friends. 

They just stood there, motionless. Their faces growing redder by the minute.

Then they walked off stage one after the other, utterly humiliated.

Chapter 4

“That was the worst!” shouted Lizzy, “I can’t believe that we sounded so awful!”

“Yeah” said Grace, “and we worked so hard!” 

They were sitting on a bench at the playground, sulking.

“What are we going to do?” said Akila solemnly, and she buried her face in her hands.

Then they heard a faint humming sound, they looked in the direction of the noise.

It was coming from a girl with jet black hair, and she was quietly singing “Shine on the Harvest Moon”.

“Hey, that’s our song.” whispered Grace

“She has such an amazing voice.” said Akila

They listened to the girl intently.

“Hey!” Lizzy called to the girl, “what’s your name?”

The girl looked back at her. “My name is Brooklyn,” she said.

“You have a really nice voice,” said Akila.

“Thank you,” said Brooklyn. “‘Shine on the Harvest Moon’  is my favorite song.”

“We can tell, you sing it beautifully.” said Grace.

“I know that you are singing ‘Shine on the Harvest Moon’ for your act in the fair” said Brooklyn, “if you want, I can help you with some of the harmonies.” 

Lizzy, Grace, and Akila looked at each other.

“How about you join us instead?” asked Lizzy.

Brooklyn smiled at them.

“Sure, I’d love to.” she answered happily.

They began practicing with Brooklyn.

As the week went on they got better and better. 

When the big day arrived, they were ready.

The Teen Barbershop Triplets, now known as 

The Teen Barbershop Quartet waited in line for their turn.

“The Teen Barbershop Quartet!” called Principal Myers. 

The friends walked on to the stage. Though they were more confident this time, they were still nervous.

Grace blew into her pitch pipe, then they began to sing once more. Though this time it was clearer and cleaner. 

They danced and sang, and when they were finished the crowd cheered.

The friends embraced.

They were happy with their wonderful performance. They were happier that they took a chance and added another girl to their group.

In Kansas there is a little town called Riverton.

Riverton is home to nine-hundred-thirty individuals.

Including four best friends, whose names are Grace, Akila, Lizzy, and Brooklyn. 

The End