Statue with Legs

Once at Christmas I sat down on a fluffy rock. It was covered with a thick layer of random coloured snow.

“Let’s be stupid!” I screamed at some random person, passing by the snow coated rock. The random person shouted to me “Weirdo!” and walked as far away as possible before tripping and falling. Suddenly, something fell!

“Watch out for those falling snowflakes!”

“Wahaha!” said the snowflake “getting slimy from the melted pumpkin pie. Surprise.” My fluffy rock suddenly started running for it was, in fact, a statue …with legs! Bob the Evil Starfish showed up just in time, for now he held the secret of the statue. He needed just twenty seeds to make the most statues… with legs!

He stole ten of the men and a pen. That was when Christmas was saved by the random statue… with legs!

The very end.

*this story was written by 3 people, 3 words at a time.

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