Pigs In Wigs

Starting in my head it’s really one crazy imagination. I never thought about how it is a pig in a wig, but I did think of a way to make it to the pig in a few seconds flat! One day I, myself and me went out for a walk when we saw a group of piggies. Something was off. Suddenly we were surrounded by twenty piggies with wigs eating figs. Bam! I tossed a fridge at them! The piggies Vanished. Vanished into thin bacon slices. “Strange sound-effect” said Myself to nobody in the room. Me, myself and I decided to run, but my brain was imagining other scenarios about complex infrastructures around the end of pigs.

“Stop this nonsense!” Myself yelled, “We will not stand for your cooking!”

Infrastructures started appearing. “This is all your fault pig!” The infrastructures reached Howard The Pig before he knew he was crushed with emotions and other harmful debris, he said “You are in charge! Not my fault!” Then he broke.

  • * This story was written by 3 people, 3 words at a time.