EeveeGirl Book Review

Book: Magnus Chase Series (3 books). Author: Rick Riordian

Who should read it? Any one who likes Percy Jackson or adventure books. This series had twists, turns, funny moments, its an epic story for everyone. Even my little my little brothers would love it. If you are homeschooled, it can count as school because you can learn a lot about Norse mythology. You don’t have to have read Percy Jackson to read this but some of the characters cross over.

What is it about? Magnus Chase is the son of Frey and goes on a EPIC adventure to save the 9 worlds. It is based on the Gods of Asgard (like Thor and Loki).

Final thoughts: You won’t be able to put this book down and will be up ALL night reading these books. Get all 3 at once so you don’t have to wait!