Google Translate is Funny

So we took a silly story from our creative writing games and ran it through translate in multiple languages and back again a few times. We got this:

A year later, my life turned into basketball minutes. Tuna Shi George’s room and Whatsapp. Chapter Sa, Ba Sa, Ba Sa! Jana Sekin. Sorry! I decided to deal with the purchase. Fitar waits for energy. Sometimes fiye da mutum thank you A. A. Maybe Bird George Bird! The birds are depleted. The birds are worth it! There are a lot of people in this that call them wooden games! … so bad!


And his parents said, “We’re in agreement, please.”

Are you looking for a father in Australia, France! Jii Chen wants to take care of you. Jinin ciwo da throughout the crowd. He joined the club, a man of the air.

Isn’t it great?

For your comparison, here’s the original:

One year ago my life changed for thirty minutes. I was a cat, named George and liked to chase airplanes. I’m a dog, so hated myself. I never knew I was adopted until the letter came! It was A. I was shocked! I decided to confront my parents. They never admitted it. But I just knew that it was true because of the Letter A. Suddenly I turned into George the airplane chasing cat! Birds are boring. Planes are fun! They have many people to kill… I gave them to Bob! Today I decided a decision… I was so evil!

“EEEP” said people.

My parents said “We approve! And disapprove.”

So I left to live in, not France, but Australia! Je chein fromage. Pain Chein. Et il rejoint le club. And they all joined the club, including the people and the airplanes.

Try translating our other stories yourself! DO IT NOW!