Would You Rather…?

End all your sentences with “as if” or “unlike you” ?

Live on a boat or in a tree?

Have a pet dragon or unicorn?

Speak constantly or never speak again?

Be a plant or a bug?

Be the sky or the ocean?

Be the best in the world at one thing but bad at everything else or be average at everything?

Be a banana or turnip? (We all picked turnips!)

Be able to run really fast but not lift a paper clip or have super strength and move at a snail’s pace?

Be a sheep or balloon?

Be an octopus or a penguin?

Save one life and be remembered as a hero or save 100 lives and be forgotten?

Be a t-rex or a mammoth?

Have all the knitting needles in the world or all the potatoes?

Live in a chaotic world or an orderly world?

Be a vending machine or a sponge?

Be the Mammoth who ate all the cheese or Bob the evil starfish?

Comment to tell us… What is the best question on this list?

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