The first words

of the dash-hound

was “Three words.”

And then he

told everyone to

turn into dash-hounds.

But it was

impossible for humans.

“Stop at once!”

Yelled another dash-hound,

named Man Dog.

Man Dog’s Theme Song

And he punched

the side-walk with

his whiner dog fist!

Obliterating it. “Cool,”

everyone said excitedly.

Next, they all

got hot dogs.

“#theworld!” said everyone.

Then #theworld appeared!

Having found that

Dash-hound said “One,

two, three, GO!”

Everyone ran to

find a popsicle.

It was already

eaten by the

#theworld dash-hound and

she wouldn’t share!

Another dash-hound stole

it. Man Dog,

he kicked everyone,

like a jerk.

“Oh dash-hound!” said

the general public.


And they all

joined the club.

Hooray for everyone!