Minecraft Family Adventures

Minecraft family shopping

creeper jammies for

Lyze’s birthday and

a Minecraft grass-block.

After shopping the

family prepares for

the wars of

MINECRAFT!!! It’s serious.

The Minecraft_chickens have

started to collaborate

with the aliens. (Disclaimer: No aliens in Minecraft)



Surprising no one.

The Minecraft family

absolutely OBLITERATED THEM!!!

And ate french_cheese.

The cheese smelled

like a wonderful

dream. The family had operators.

They made it

/weather rain_cake (weather part actually Minecraft command)

/weather rain_sprinkles (weather part actually Minecraft command)

/time set day (actually Minecraft command)

They got cavities.

Except for Lyze.

Lyze was on

a dragon. BUM_BUM_BUM.

She wanted to

eat candy but

the candy cavities.

She joined the

Club (of cheese).

And so did everyone else.

It’s Raining Tacos