Warriors: Dogs and Cats


Only for ages 8 and up, it is also recommended that you have read at least one book of the Warriors book series.


Chapter 1

Mudface’s Bickering

Deerstar awoke to loud bickering. “THAT’S MINE, RABBITFOOT!” Mudface cried in anger. “Well, I’m the one who caught it yesterday!” Rabbitfoot said. “But I just got it from the fresh-kill pile,” Mudface replied. “BUT I STILL CAUGHT IT! Just, stop being unreasonable.” Rabbitfoot sighed. Mudface face pawed. “Ugh. Nevermind.” He took a fish from the fresh-kill pile and hungrily gulped it down. 

Deerstar walked onto the Highrock and sat watching his clan. Maplestripe emerged from the warrior’s den with her fur all ruffled up. She quickly began cleaning herself. “Hi, Maplestripe!” Mudface called cheerfully. “H-hello, Mudface.” She walked over to the fresh-kill pile and picked a fat tasty mouse. She ate it fast. Dewpuddle exited the warrior’s den, and walked over to Deerstar they exchanged a few words before Dewpuddle walked down from the Highrock and began the dawn patrols. “Maplestripe, Mudface, and Brighttail go on a hunting patrol. Rabbitfoot, Stormcloud, and I are going on a border patrol.” 

“Ugh, I never get important jobs.” Mudface groaned. “This is an important job, mouse-brain. Feedin’ your clan is very important.” Brighttail snapped. “Whatever, at least I don’t have to be with Rabbitfoot.” Mudface retorted. Maplestripe walked to the exit. “M-maybe we sh-should go…” “Rude,” Brighttail said ignoring Maplestripe. “It’s not rude if whenever I see him he acts like a flea-brain!” “G-guys?” Maplestripe said timidly. “What?” Mudface snapped. “I… I-I j-just thought maybe we should go…” “Good idea,” Brighttail said. “It is a very important job,” she said smirking at Mudface. “Okay, fine.” They walked out of camp. “Wanna split up?” “Sure.” “Eh. I guess.” “Great, I’ll go west, Maplestripe go northeast and Mudface go to the southeastern pond. ” “O-okay.” “Yes, fishing!” 

Brighttail walked west until she noticed some shuffling in the bushes up ahead. A vole stepped out of the bushes. She dropped into a hunter’s crouch wiggled her hindquarters and pounced! She caught the vole in her claws and killed it with a bite to the neck. She walked a little farther until she saw a bird in a tree on a low branch. It was too busy preening itself to notice that Brighttail had already sneaked to the base of the tree. The branch was low enough that if she jumped she might get the bird. She went for it. She jumped but the bird flew away. “Mouse-dung!” she yelled. 

She walked back to camp and met Maplestripe who was already back and putting her kill in the fresh-kill pile. She had caught a big rabbit. “Nice catch,” Brighttail called from the camp entrance. “T-thanks,” Maplestripe said in a voice barely higher than a whisper. “All I caught was a stinkin’ vole.” She said kicking forward into the fresh-kill pile her meager catch. “I-it is a-a big vole.” “I suppose,” Brighttail said sighing in disappointment. Then Mudface entered camp with a slightly smaller rabbit than Maplestripe’s. “Guess what,” Mudface called “I-” He stopped seeing Maplestripe large rabbit and growled “Nevermind.” “What ruffled your fur?” Mudface ignored the question and continued to drop his kill in the pile. “Everyone of Gingerpelt’s kits is the same, just sooo perfect.” He muttered under his breath. “What was that?” Brighttail said. “Nothing.” “Oh no, I’s not nothin’. Don’ you dare talk mouse-dung ‘bout Maple’s family!” “Okay, okay. Jeez.” Mudface replied. “I-it’s okay,” Maplestripe said trying to end the fighting. “What in StarClan is wrong with you?” She said.  


Chapter 2

The Prophecy                  

The clan went to sleep. Deerstar started dreaming, of a prophecy. He saw a sunset on a beach, except the beach was a small island in the stars. Then a blood-red moon took the place of the sun. The stars started disappearing one by one until the sky was an endless black void. But then the whole sky was being engulfed in red, starting at the red moon and covering the whole sky. Suddenly the island disappeared and he was falling in endless void of blood. Then he woke up. 

Shaken by the whole affair he walked slowly out of his den hoping that chaos hadn’t rained yet, it hadn’t. He sighed a sigh of relief and walked over to Dewpuddle. She was sitting on a stray rock, presumably waiting for Deerstar. He approached and said, “Can you organize patrols? I need some time to think.” “Sure,” she replied. She didn’t bother asking what he needed to think about. She knew he was very secretive but trusted him. “Mudface, Rabbitfoot, and Maplestripe go on a border patrol. Brighttail, Softfrost, and Stormcloud go on a hunting patrol.” Dewpuddle wanted to stay with Deerstar if he needed help with his ‘thinking’. Mudface and Rabbitfoot were glaring at each other but saying nothing. 

Deerstar had gone into his den and was now thinking about what this could mean. He knew it had to do with Sunlight or Sunlight’s kits, but what he didn’t know. Maybe Sunlight would die and be replaced with one of her kits… But that couldn’t be because then the kit would have to be evil and no one related to Sunlight could be evil. “But maybe just maybe they could be.

Brighttail, Softfrost, and Stormcloud had reached the ForestClan border and re-scented it. Then Softfrost heard soft ruffling in the trees, she looked up and saw another cat looking down at them, “Hey! You’re on PondClan territory!” Softfrost yowled up into the tree. The cat climbed down from the tree. “Sorry, I thought you were on our territory,” the ForestClan cat said. Stormcloud growled. Brighttail put her tail on Stormcloud’s shoulder to signal her to stop. “It’s okay, just go back into your own territory,” Brighttail said. The cat walked back into their territory, and presumably to go hunt more. The rest of the patrol went regularly. They came back to find that the fresh-kill pile was full! The whole clan ate until they were full too. Except Deerstar he needed to know what that dream meant. That night Sunlight had her kits, or rather her kit. She only had one kit a full black one with a white spot on their eye. “That’s strange Sunlight isn’t black at all.” Poppyleaf thought as she examined the kit.