One day Erodie slipped on a banana peel and tried to grab on to the banana tree, he missed but he bit a banana. He hated the taste. So he wanted to spend his money on a giant living robot monkey, named iSHKABIBLE the greet. BUTT the monkey was evil! He hated bananas too. Ironically, and wanted to eat only french cheese. Or… destroy big cities. iSHKABIBLE couldn’t find his way, so he called Bob to help him(hi) destroy. Bob came quickly with lunch. So they ate a CHEESE DOG DOG CHEESE. #theworld. After snaking they went to Antarctica (for some reason). “FRANCE!!!” they yelled randomly… and then… BOB ATE HIM! (and France). And they all joined the club, with iSHKABIBLE as a hologram and Bob’s still on Skype. Mr. Mr. the pig welcomed them with… TO BE CONTINUED!