My’s Birthday Story

Once a mammoth got sick of France and went to Lego land. He stepped on a piece of lego, and it turned to dust! He became invincible! French cheese cake was made out of the dust. Mammoth ate it all and it was delicious! Because he now was invincible, he could eat All the French cheese he could find. But now he couldn’t fit in the all the rides, but he built his own ride out of lego, and brought it to France. While the French were going on the ride it turned into dust, then to cheese! The French love cheese so they were happy. Bob was ill and unable to make it which was good because he was lactose intolerant and evil. Then something eerie happened. Pickles (the tiny superhero dog) came into the picture, he moved a vase and people started freaking out because he’s a ghost. Because they were scared they threw a Hallowe’en party. Bob didn’t come. Pancake day became a national holiday… until the dog stole it! The small Swedish dog named Hi Marcus the 430th. Hi Marcus the 430th was very full from eating the holiday. Muscle fish shows up. Muscle fish goes to Hollywood and plans a surprise party for the teeny tiny fisherman seed. Then suddenly a giant flaming ogre appears. He checks into a restaurant, goes to the bathroom then he eats the restaurant while screaming in bad French. The mammoth is devastated. Bob gets over his cold. Bob doesn’t like spicy things so he doesn’t want to eat it. Muscle fish will beat him! So Bob has to eat it. They throw the CHEESE DOG DOG CHEESE at him. They throw him so far and so fast that he lights on fire and they explode on the ogre. Everyone is fine except the ogre. They all joined the club except for the ogre. He’s going to eat all the restaurants in the world. Hopefully Muscle Fish (Muscley Fishy Fish the 3rd) will stop him.