George the Cat Dog Dog Cat

One year ago my life changed for thirty minutes. I was a cat, named George and liked to chase airplanes. I’m a dog, so hated myself. I never knew I was adopted until the letter came! It was A. I was shocked! I decided to confront my parents. They never admitted it. But I just knew that it was true because of the Letter A. Suddenly I turned into George the airplane chasing cat! Birds are boring. Planes are fun! They have many people to kill… I gave them to Bob! Today I decided a decision… I was so evil!

“EEEP” said people.

My parents said “We approve! And disapprove.”

So I left to live in, not France, but Australia! Je chein fromage. Pain Chein. Et il rejoint le club. And they all joined the club, including the people and the airplanes.