A Squirrel in Sain

Once there was an insane squirrel, playing in sain (snow/ rain). It was very hot so Mr. The disguised himself as a water bottle to trick thirsty police and he would run away when they wanted to get a drink. He became insane but was still pretty funny when the cops chased him into a great big pool of banana cream pies. The police never liked pie but figured it was the monkey’s scheme, instead it was a chance to get the police to eat pies in luxurious evening wear. The squirrel was putting pies on everyone’s faces. They loved it! And opened a spa specifically for people to eat pies, relax and chase the water bottle. And drink from it. He hated when he got cat ears disease. He dried mushrooms as a remedy. He also ate banana cream pies every single day and he never had an allergy for the rest of time and space. He also joined the club because of course he did, and brought banana cream pies to every meeting. He was popular. And bought a sports car, because just because.

Knitting Octopus Named Joe

Under the sea an octopus named Joe was knitting. Joe desired to become the master of the trees. There were few knitting octopi although there were knitting dolphins who had French cheeses. Joe climbed trees with knitted rope he made himself. He was stealthy as a leaf. His rope skills were absolutely amazing and he became the master of octopus climbing. He taught his friends about climbing and knitting. They were not very impressed but they all were forced to participate or else they became fish. Although one of the octopi became decently okay at selling shoes. Joe was very jealous and they had a fight! Joe won and they all joined the club because Joe forced them. They brought sweaters and shoes.

The “Pompom”

Once in awhile a pompom went to France and ate de French Cheeses with her friends. She became obsessed over French Cheese, (and mammoths) she loved the mammoth but dated French Cheese. She cheez-ed on him! Suddenly a cheez-er came! But she was secretly a sheep! She got cheez-ed. But she didn’t take it personally because she’s not allergic to dairy. But suddenly Mammoth asked her out. She said “Wait! I’m dating cheese!” then she cheez-ed on cheese. She looked over her fishing pole and said “Whaaaaaat?! Where’d I get this?” She was so mystified by the pole and the very hot mammoth. She decided to marry the pole. She divorced the pole, then married the mammoth. They joined the club and moved near Hans Island and brought the kids, sheep-mammoth kids.

What a cheesy, cheesy, cheesy, cheesy, cheesy, cheesy story…


A Scottish fold kitten lived in the land of elephants! Contemplating her life, then she went to France. She heard it was all the rage, everyone’s going to France! Although she didn’t like French cheese, she liked French apples. She and the Mammoth hated each other and the birdie, but she didn’t mind. She was hungry for the bird! Uncle flower agreed but wasn’t sure how they were related. They wondered if the cat was adopted. “OO a dolphin!” says somebody, as a giant killer dolphin from space appeared. Pickles, the dog, tried to stop him, but he was already a ghost.

*Fight Scene!*

Everyone from the club came to battle the dolphin. But they didn’t really know how. Bob must know how! They quickly Skyped him and he came to eat the dolphin. It’s not bad for him to eat things, if the things are evil. They all joined the club and had a big celebration. The end.