The earth’s trash, started eating people on skewers and it had no virtues or boundaries. Although it was a quilter and a handsome father. After consuming several small sisters it regretted everything and got a new passion for living. And instead of eating people it became a businessman. Business was good until it exploded. He got a new job as a professional massager. Until it exploded! And it got a job as the guardian of Hans island. Where the club is. And of course he joined the club. But as a Skype guest cause he’s really smelly.

Mr. Mr. the pig and his four dogs he hated one but loved the others. Mr. Mr. liked stinky smelly mud. Which was gross. He lived in France. And he loved da french cheeses. He was a rapper and made raps about cheese dipped in mud. But the mammoth ate it. “Evil mammoth!” Said Mr. Mr. He went into a blind rage and got rid of one of his dogs. The one he hated he turned into CHEESE! Duh duh DUH! The mammoth a the cheese dog dog cheese. “Oh my dog cheese!” said Mr. Mr. He moped for months over the loss of his precious cheese dog dog cheese he wondered why he used to hate it. He bought some cheese dog dog cheeses. For therapy. He enrolled in therapy shortly after. And he joined the club. The end.