The Tristories

The Awesome New Fishy!

A long time ago there was a little fish, in a little pond full of other bigger fish. The little fish thought she was sure to be the best fish! They entered a fish pageant. Immediately fish lost everything… And the fish started to train! She planed to win next time! She was very determined to win! She even polished every inch of herself super abrasively. When pageant came she was raw and furious she was a muscly! They thought she was a different awesome, new fish! And she won! She shared her trophy with all of the club! The end!

Tiny Fisherman Seed

There once was a tiny seed who wanted to be a fisherman, but liked fishies. He decided to buy a tank to catch one. He found a treasure chest but it was full of poisonous snakes. He escaped luckily. Snakes also escaped! But sadly they befriended Bob the evil starfish. Bob ate all the snakes and had a stomach ache in the morning. Then tiny seed found muscle fishy fish and they were BFFs. And the seed had a bodyguard. When Bob tried to get in he always got bumped out by muscly fishy fish. And seed joined the club! The end!

Fishy Fish and Tiny Seed traveled to France. Where they met a small, blue birdy! Who was a fan of french cheeses. She was utterly outraged! Because they didn’t like french cheeses. She threw cheese at them! The mammoth stole all the french cheeses! All the french peeps don’t like him. Steve also had visited France. He was allergic to french cheeses and thought that the birdy was evil. And tried to eat the birdy. The birdy said “Ah get your allergy to cheese hands off me!” They reported Steve to the police but they didn’t get arrested. And the birdy and the police joined the club and brought french cheeses and the Mammoth was over joyed ’cause he stole the french cheeses!