Erodie the Mole and Other Silly Stories

3 word rotating story writing with Culture and People:

Erodie was digging a tunnel through a mountain. Erodie thought he could dig to the centre of the Earth. He scratched a giant rock, behind it was an underground stream of diamond water. Erodie thought “That’s cold! I’m not going in there!”. Next he found another mole creature, although it was wearing a bow-tie. Erodie screamed “Ahh! A bow-tie!!” and Erodie never went to formal dress parties. The end. (Eventually Erodie joined the club of story characters and insisted everyone stay casual.)

Next story:

One fateful night I stepped in the palace. I was scared that everyone would notice that I was a wanted criminal. My crimes were stealing French cheeses, berries and fruits. I stole from French cheese factories and a fruit garden. My associates all fled but I kept stealing cheeses, even from mice. For I am Spoing the Bunny! A Mastermind! I shall never admit that I stole everything! I live in France, in a condo. My hobbies are bouncing on trampolines, planning evil schemes, and knitting socks for tiny flowers. And stealing cheeses! Mwa ha ha! …I want a carrot.

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Pickles the dog ate a nuclear piece of meatball. He became radioactive. He is a special dog now. He’s got superpowers! He saves innocent cats from certain doom and then chases them. His owner was surprised when she got superpowers too. Her superpowers were cooking meatballs. She burnt everything else. And together they enjoyed a meatball and saved the beef industry from certain doom. They even saved French cheeses from Sproing and his associate, the mammoth and saved people from giant meatballs! His enemy is a giant living meatball, named Meanball, from outer space. His arch nemesis eventually defeated him by eating him. Yummy Pickles! Pickles joined the club as a super-ghost. He likes being a ghost because he can sneak into the fridge and eat sausages.

Next Story:

I am Steve, the robot hacker. I am a robot who hacks computers and rocket ships. Just for better TV. One fateful day I didn’t explode, but instead I got hit by a snowflake! I hate snow. Frosty the Snowman is what I turned into. So I went to Bermuda to my secret base, where it’s warm. I melted and turned back into a kitty cat named Steve. I still have the urge to always wear my top hat, but I take it off to be in Erodie’s casual dress club.