A Story – 3 words at a time…

In the land of chocolate and penguins there was a little penguin who had horrible taste for chocolate. He liked the cheapest, most waxy chocolate and chocolate cheese. So the penguins sent him away to live in poverty, so he built his own chocolate and cheese tank and killed fish so he wanted to kill enough to create a sushi restaurant. Then a famous cat came to sample his cooking and they became best friends and great hunting partners. Unfortunately both were allergic to fish so soon they destroyed the sushi restaurant in favour of the public. They opened a chocolate cheese restaurant where they served chocolate fondue with French cheeses with bite marks. Supplied by Mammoth (see last week). Even the other penguins were jealous and plotted against the two friends but nothing could break their bond. ❤

They founded a tiny club which Mammoth joined as well as all the other characters including the performers, the audience, the pepper eating people, Jack the mouse, the Queen and the flower. Their tiny club became world-wide!

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