A dragon invaded my house

I was at  home with my little brother and little sister mom and dad ,and then we heard a big loud bang on our front door. my mom went to go see what it is. it was a dragon standing on a porch saying may I come in. that day It was very rainy and cold, so The dragon just wanted some shelter but because we live in such a small home, it only had three bedrooms and two bathrooms and we had no room for the dragon, to stay so we sadly had to tell him no you cannot come in he sadly left.

Then about an hour later he came back and said please oh please let me in we said no, again he left and the third time he didn’t ask or knock on our  door and we didn’t answer because we knew it was him, then he kicked down the door and walked in our house and said please please please it is very cold and we  said no then he wouldn’t leave he didn’t leave so then we told him okay you can stay in our house for until the storm is over.

He stayed and then he agreed to follow our house rules except for one the house rule, that he did not follow is no getting snacks without asking So all day while the storm was he kept getting our food and as we know it we were out of food we had no food last because it’s Dragon ate all of our food so we told him you have to go to the store and get all this food instead of going to the Store and getting the food he used the money that we gave him to buy himself a bunch of food at Burger King.

When he came back we said we’re all the groceries he said oops I forgot to get them I wanted to get me a bunch of food at Burger King we told him I’m sorry but you must leave because you A all of our food and used our money for stuff that you didn’t need to Then he wouldn’t leave and at this time it was about 8 at night so everyone is getting ready for bed and we told him that you can stay the night if you sleep on his sleeping bag on the living room floor. He agreed to until the storm was gone but as everyone went to bed before he would sleep.

He got up and ate all the food out of our house we had no food in our entire house left Then he finally went to sleep when everyone woke up for breakfast the dragon left because this storm was gone So since the dragon was gone everyone proceeded to get breakfast as I was looking for the oatmeal to make Oatmeal All of the oatmeal was gone and everything and all the cabinets was to  And everyone Agreed that we need to go to the store and get more food and never ever ever under no circumstances ever Let a dragon into our home!