Unicorn Interview

Welcome to the interview, today we are going to be interviewing a unicorn. How Exciting this is how the interview went.

Interviewer: What happens when it’s hot?

Unicorn: Well I usually just slowly melt into a pile of marshmallow or I find a lake or pond to cool me off but then I get sticky.

Interviewer: How many unicorns are left?

Unicorn: It depends on what type of unicorn your talking about there’s rainbow unicorn, marshmallow unicorn, fruit unicorn, s’more unicorn and the evil/dark unicorn.

Interviewer: Dark/evil unicorn?

Unicorn: Yes there the worst, they try to cause trouble of all of the other unicorns, once they tried to overtake the master unicorn, the most best unicorn of all.

Interviewer: What Type is He/She?

Unicorn: She is a hybrid of a marshmallow, rainbow and fruit unicorn and she has the best power of them all that keeps humans from seeing us, same with leprechauns they also exist with a master to hide them from humans.

Interviewer: Wheres the hide out?

Unicorn: I can’t tell you but there’s multiple around the world watch out though the dark unicorn’s hide out is scary when you go in there’s no coming out.

Interviewer: Are you squishy like a marshmallow?

Unicorn: Yes I am and I weigh close to nothing, yet that can be a back thing to because when there’s a big breeze it’s like “There I go… again.” and it can be annoying too.

Interviewer: Do you get sticky when it rains like a real marshmallow?

Unicorn: Yes and its gross, mud sticks to me that’s why I have my cave house, to stop the mud from making me dirty, you know that the more clean you are the more “Respect” you get by the way “Respect” is unicorn money, the “Respect” is like real respect it’s the ranking that I am placed in.

That’s all the questions for today, but I want to ask the viewers a question. If you could ask a unicorn anything what would it be?