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I love my school. I’m so grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to get an education, and such a high level of one.

There is one thing that my school has continuously bothered me by, though. And it’s not just my school that does it.

healthy mind platter.jpeg

The other day, we had a presentation informing us about the ‘Healthy Mind Platter’. This is a way of living, created by Dr. Siegel. It calls for a balance between sleep time, physical time, focus time, time in, downtime, playtime and connecting time. Our teachers were advocating for ‘The Healthy Mind Platter’, wanting all of us to attempt to adapt to this method of living.

Well, I believe that as a high school student this is nearly impossible.  Let’s look at each of the categories and how they apply to my life.

Physical Time. I play on a high level soccer team, which calls…

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