Eris Interview


In Germany it’s a little colder, and wetter. Germany doesn’t allow home schooling. Jobs require a high level of education. There school starts at 8 and ends at 1:30 PM. School from Eris’s house is 10 km away from school. The time deference is 8 hours. They have German class on Wednesday, then natural science. They do research at the end of school.
Winter, fall and Easter break are all only 2 weeks long.


“My favorite class is English because I already know it. ” – Eris. Eris is doing electricity in science. Eris has gone to america 4-5 times. There going to Portugal, and have gone to Denmark. Eris likes to travel because it’s fun to see what people like to do in “Wherever”.
“I take public transportation.  I take a normal bus. We don’t have those yellow school buses. “- Eris.
The time difference means that to do this interview, Eris had to stay up late! 
German Foods : Sausages that sometimes pop open.

We dont eat peanut butter and jelly in Germany and no marshmallow fluff.

We got to the beach in denmark and usually rent a house. Sometimes it takes 2 hours to drive, sometimes 4 or 5 hours.


“The definition of cattywampus, often spelled catawampus, is not lined up or not arranged correctly, or diagonally. An example of something cattywampus are the positions of the items on the top of a coffee table after a two year old has been playing with them” –

Ä, Ö, Ü, ß

Letters used in German, but not in English.