Ecouture Fashion Show

Have you ever made something from old clothes? Kenzie did when she created this outfit for ecouture show.

Spotlight on waste, especially clothing and fabric waste.

Checkout this exclusive interview with Kenzie one of the shows youngest designers

Why did you put hearts on your shirt? Why not.

Why did you enter it? Because we reused clothes.

Where did the inspiration for this outfit come from? My grandma.

Where did you make your outfit? My grandmas house.

How much did you like your outfit from 1-10? 10 its my favorite.

How did you make it? I used a sewing machine.

How long did it take? A few weeks.

How did your grandma help you (if she did)? Yes a lot.

How did you chose your materials? Softest clothing.

When did you start making this outfit ? February not till April.

When did you have the time to make it? Weekend.

Who helped you make the outfit or did you do it yourself? Grandma and my Sister.

Who helped you (if anyone) ? Grandma and Sister.

What did you learn from them? How to do a blanket stitch