Crochet on a Knitting Blog?!?

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Ava's Life of Love

You read it right, folks! There IS a crochet mention on this knitting blog! Though I don’t reveal it to just anyone, in my younger, knit-free past I have dabbled in crochet. (Gasp!) However, I was only 8 or 9, and all I learned was to “go back over” as I called it. I recently became interested in knitting with plarn (plastic yarn, made from plastic bags) but sad as I am to say it, knitting plarn is very, very difficult. The plarn sticks to the needles and makes sliding the stitches up and down a hassle. One of my friends (the same whom I taught to knit!) recently made her own crocheted bag–out of plarn! She actually gave me her pattern (as told her by her aunt) but I wasn’t familiar enough with crocheting in the round to feel comfortable with it. Adopting a tactic seen by a family…

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