Every Day Habits

My every day routine consists of me waking up, eating, and doing the dishes. The things that I use to do these things are most likely good for me and the world. My mom is very particular about my soap, what kind of dishes I use, and certain oils to help me sleep better at night. Me and my family just found out what was in our clothing and we are trying to pay more attention to what we wear and how we wash it.  Microfibers of polyester and plastic go into the ocean and fish ingest it.  Micro-plastics easily travel up the food chain to other animals and humans.

All are food that we eat is organic but every now and then I compromise with my mom into getting something not so organic. That’s the basics of my every day habits.

My favorite parts of the Dead Marker Alchemist Homestead Class were:

-Composting. I like such a simple thing can really help our earth.

-Hydroponics is nice because you can grow all your own food.  It’s cleaner and there’s no pesticides.

-My mom liked the foraging part.

By Logan, age 13.