Suburban Chicken Keeping

Are you thinking about getting some chickens? They are useful pets!


  1. lay yummy eggs
  2. eat bugs/ticks
  3. cheap to care for
  4. waste is great for compost
  5. can cuddle them – some breeds are friendlier (Silkies, Japanese Bantam, barred Plymouth rock are good choices)
  6. can get green, blue, white, black, or brown eggs in many sizes
  7. can get diapers for indoor chickens


  1. chickens might eat the eggs, if you forget to collect them
  2. might poop on you
  3. might be limited by laws (some places will allow hens only)
  4. when a new rooster crows it can be very loud

Interesting Facts:

Chickens don’t pee.  The white part in their waste is how they excrete water.

Can be part of a lush, green, food producing yard.