Mocha the Dog

I was on the kitchen counter playing with my lego.

I left the thing open and then I went to get my legos from Mocha cause she tore them apart, then the fish jumped out of the fish tank.  He was okay. Mom scooped him up and put him back in the tank. The fish and Mocha share a room.

Mocha is afraid of a box, soccer chairs, tents and balloons.  She goes “rah rah rah” when Mom opens the door. She doesn’t like to come when I say “come over here”.  She’s 8 months old.

We adopted her from the shelter.  We got her toys and a bed.  She likes pieces of chicken for treats and she loves ice cream.  Vanilla is her favourite.

She escaped under the white fence.  She dug a big hole.  She was by the apple tree when we found her.  She likes to nap a lot.

Mocha is part:


Cocker Spaniel,

and Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

We did a DNA test in the mail.  You swab her cheek then put it in an envelope and mail it.  Then they send the results back.

By Stella, age 6. mocha.jpg