A boy and a girl were camping with their family. There were woods by the campground. The kids went to go explore the woods, but their parents said to be careful because the parents had heard stories about the woods. One guy said that he saw a dragon, but no one believed him. The woods have been looked at by scientists and they didn’t see anything. That was because the dragons could go invisible!

The kids went into the woods and saw the dragons! The dragons weren’t ready to go invisible, and since it takes about 10 minutes to go invisible, the dragons didn’t have time! The kids saw the dragons and ran to their parents and screamed “MOM, DAD!” The kids ran. They were so scared!

They told their parents, who said, “We believe you.” But, the parents didn’t really.

So, the kids took their parents into the woods. By then, the dragons went invisible. The parents were mad. They said, “YOU LIED!” to the kids. The kids felt bad, but they weren’t lying! The kids didn’t give up.

Jake the baby bearded dragon!

They tried to get the dragons to come out, or, stop being invisible. None of that worked, so they tried to get the parents in the woods. That didn’t work, either; the parents were still mad. So they didn’t give up. They left the camp ground the next day. One of the baby dragons followed them home. They were going to do their laundry and they found the dragon hiding in their dirty clothes hamper. They asked the dragon what’s your name the baby dragon replied “Jake” Jake was lost. Jake said he lived at the campground.

The campground is about a hour away so the kids had no way to get the dragon home.

The mother was worried sick.

The mom was injured, she broke her wing so she couldn’t get to the baby Jake.

Baby Jake told the boy and the girl about his mom. The boy and girl decided to help Jake. The girl took care of the dragon the boy got it food.

The kids had to get Jake to his mother. So at night they snuck out, and rode their bikes to the campground. They saw a trail of scales. So they followed it. It led them to the mother. She was in terrible shape. The boy rode back to the house and called 911. An ambulance came the boy led them to the mother. At first ambulance couldn’t believe it, but they helped anyway.

The mother was so happy. The girl said “GOOD JOB Tim” the boy said “GOOD JOB Ava”……..

And they high fived!

The End!!!!!!!!

By Audree with help from Josie 🙂