Beginner’s Guide to Crochet

Blooky is 13 and new to crochet.  Here’s some advise for those looking to break into the hobby:

  • make sure you know what you’re doing – have a plan before you start the project!
  • try to count your rows to make sure they’re even – check at the end of each row
  • don’t use dark colours because they are harder to see
  • learn the names of each stitch and how to do them; especially double crochet, chain stitch and single crochet
  • avoid knots in your yarn – it’s messy!
  • don’t frustrate yourself – be calm while you’re fixing mistakes
  • try to find a simple pattern at first – cause the harder it is; the more frustrating
  • don’t psych yourself out!

p.s. See if you can figure out my real name (hint: it’s in the photo) – Blooky