Leopard’s Big Adventure

This is Margot and her friend, Luke. Luke left his leopard at Margot’s house one day, so she decided Leopard would go on an adventure and she would take photos to share with Luke!

Hi, it’s me! Leopard! Oh Lukey, I missed you on my trip! I had really good fun! Here are my pictures.

I had a fun time trying to catch a bird.

I really would like to show you me in the bath, it was really funny.

I tried to find a lizard for you.

I decided maybe I would go vegan. I hope you have fun playing with me when I’m vegan.

I thought maybe I would work my muscles a little so I would be stronger to play with you when I come back.

I thought maybe I would see if my muscles were working good so I walked on a ball.

I did a lot of things so I took a nap.

I wanted to have a friend and I just bumped into these two dinosaurs.

I saw that my friend Margot had some cards to play with so I decided to ask my new friend to play cards.

I love reading about animals for you. I think maybe I will know about more animals and I will tell you about them when I come back home.

I thought maybe if my friend Margot had some coloring things, I would show you my coloring skills.

I’m finally coming back home to you, I missed you so much, Dear Lukey!