My Snowy Night

Snowy Night

I learned to paint this by an online art class.

To make:

1. Paint a canvas blue

2. Make purple circles going dark to light

3. Fence: draw two straight lines, add two or three poles painted black then put snow on them.  Use white dots to make the snow.

4. Tree: Make one straight black line, add little branches then put snow on them.

Note: let the paint dry between each step.

If you mess up:

Moon- to fix mixed colors add more dark or light paint, depending on what you need, to the whole circle.

Fence- to fix mixed colors (like the white) wait for it to dry then add more black paint.

Tree – if you made it too wide, make longer and thicker branches.  If the bottom is too big, make it look like it has mulch around it.

I like to paint because it is something that when you mess up, there’s always a way to fix it. Even if you accidentally use the wrong color, you can use some white or some black to make it lighter or darker.  Hope you have fun painting this!