Cats Love Crochet

I’m 12, and I live in NJ. I enjoy learning hands-on. I could make things all day.  I love to draw, make mosaics, and do origami. I always try to upcycle.

By asking friends for unwanted clothes, and looking around our house for clothes that we don’t like anymore, because they are stained or worn, I was able to create this bed for my cat and this backpack.

I showed my backpack to one of my friends and now she is saving up all her old clothes to make one too.  cat4

My Top 5 reasons to upcycle with clothes:

  1. It’s better for the environment
  2. Fun to do
  3. Makes useful stuff
  4. Saves money by making instead of buying
  5. Doesn’t support the factories that treat apparel workers poorly

To learn more about upcycling clothes click here.