Malaysian and Canadian Cultures Meet Online

Z is a 12 year old home schooled learner in Malaysia, and M is a 12 year old Canadian learner who attends a private school. They met on Outschool to learn about each other’s cultures.

Z: What festival do the Canadians celebrate?

M: Canadians celebrate Canada Day. There are sometimes parades and stuff, and some people were red and white clothing. We have fireworks, also there are little paper flags.

Z: Over here we celebrate Chinese new year it’s on 16 February. For Chinese new year I go back to my home town and we play firecrackers! I used toilet rolls to make these firecrackers (see featured photo).

M: We did a dragon and played some songs for Chinese new year at my school.

Z: Is Canada a nice place to visit?

M: It depends on if you like snow or not. It can get really cold here. It’s fun though because you can go tobogganing and build snowmen.

Z: It’s winter now?

M: Yes.

Z: In Malaysia it is Spring.

M: What is day-to-day life like in your culture?

Z: Writing in the morning, gardening to grow okra and ladies finger beans, and playing board games.

M: In my culture in the morning and some of the afternoon we go to school then we do sports like swimming or gymnastics or sometimes we do stuff like art then we do homework.

M: Do people travel a lot in your culture or do they usually stay in one place?

Z: During the holidays we will travel.

M: What is the most culturally important meal of the day?

Z: We eat rice for lunch an dinner. Lunch is the biggest meal in Malaysia.

M: How do you get places in your culture (Train, bus, car, walking, etc.)?

Z: My mom drives a car.