Different Cultures

Learners connected on Outschool for an interview about the differences between the United States and Australia.  A is 9 years old and in the USA, D is 10 living in Australia.

1. What is a magical creature from your culture?

A – Unicorns! They’re my favorite!

D- Bunyip, aboriginals believe it lived in lakes, rivers and bodies of water and ate children.

2. What kind of clothes do you wear?

A- Just about anything! Most of the time I wear extra large t shirts, a lot of big clothing and sweat shirts. That’s mostly it.

D – Mainly I wear a t shirt and shorts but sometimes a work shirt.

3. Any unique holidays where you live?

A – Thanksgiving, Labor day and Memorial Day.

D- Australia day. Remembrance Day.  We don’t celebrate April Fools day or Thanksgiving or Halloween.

4. Any plants or animals that were introduced to your country?

A- cactus but made into flowers that are really sharp but I  don’t know what they are called.

D – wild cats, rabbits, dogs, (dingo is native) cane toads, rubber vine.

5. What do you like best about meeting people on Outschool?

A – just getting to know people. Being home schooled I have 3 friends that I don’t get to see very often.

D- I like that I get to talk and see everyone.  On my usual one you have to press a button to turn on your camera.

Learners wrote and answered these questions during a session of Making Friends  on Outschool with Carly.