Applying Math to Art

Felix is a math lover, an origami nut and very project-oriented. Although he is relatively new to crochet, he found that crochet fits right in with the way his brain works.  Felix took the class How to Crochet: Amigurumi Balls with Carly and was able to expand his learning in an impressive way.

By applying the concepts used to crochet a sphere, Felix was able to create crocheted bowls, socks and mittens in addition to many amigurumi balls! Felix used his understanding of math patterns in crochet to make all these projects without any crochet patterns.  He understood how and when to expand, reduce or maintain his stitches to create many variations on what he learned in class.  Rather than taking away instructions for a single project, Felix viewed crochet as an artist technique that could be used for many projects.

His designs are simple but original.  Using neat, basic shapes Felix produces cozy apparel for his friends and family by request. In this exclusive VSP interview, Felix shares his views and future goals for his crochet art.

What made you want to learn to crochet?

Well, my friend’s Grandma introduced me to crochet and then Carly’s class caught my eye because it wasn’t just crocheting in straight lines. We were making spheres. I like that we could make dimensional objects rather than flat stuff. It’s kind of like why I like origami which begins with flat paper but transforms into 3 dimensional objects.

What is your favourite part of crocheting?

I love that you can make almost anything with just a crochet hook and some yarn.

Who/what inspires your work?

Carly! And I feel like I’m just beginning. There’s still so much to find out and that’s exciting for me.

Where do you like to crochet?

On a nice comfy couch. Or in the car, restaurant, or airplane. Pretty much anywhere.

What are some of the projects on your to-do list?

My mom wants a sweater. I’d like to make myself some socks and a good amount of clothes. It seems very fun to make stuffed animals and the fruits and vegetables that Carly makes.

What are your goals for developing your skills? I’m really interested in Carly’s suggestion to design and sell patterns on Etsy.

What is your advice to new crocheters? Well I am a new crocheter! But I would say it’s good for people who like math, have a lot of time on their hands and want cool handmade stuff. It’s definitely fun.

Photo by Michelle Keim aka Felix’s rock star mom.